August Smartlock

I’ve been really happy about my August smart lock.

Living in one of the older apartment buildings in San Francisco, I have a fairly typical deadbolt lock which is supported by August. The instructions were pretty easy to read and follow. Part of the out of box experience included a 10 minute long firmware update via bluetooth, which required that my phone remain nearby. I walked away and my phone went to sleep… twice. (It would be nice to disable sleep on phone during the process). At least the app was able to resume where it left off. Installation completed smoothly.

After the install, I was able to calibrate the exact degrees which the device needs to turn to lock and unlock. It works pretty well. Though not due to any fault of August, my front door is slightly warped so that even when it’s closed, sometimes it needs a slight push in order for it to lock.

I’m controlling August with Apple HomeKit, which I use as the primary controller app. I have other smart devices at home, such as Hue lights, so whenever I arrive home, my door is unlocked and lights are on. It’s really cool.

Next Steps: Don’t have it yet, but am looking to get August Connect to get the status of my front door anywhere anytime. Right now, I do get a HomeKit notification whenever the door is locked and unlocked, so that I know of any changes if anyone tries to get in. Anyhow, perhaps that’s good enough for now.

Trying Google Analytics

GA seems easy to install. Sign up, put their JS in a header file, and you’re up in 5 mins.

However, I realize that I made a mistake by selecting default permalink settings within WordPress. You can’t do analytics without meaningful page URLs. Mine look like:

Just terrible.

(Resetting the permalink template within WP doesn’t work completely. I’ll post again after I find a solution for changing WP permalinks to already existing pages and postings. There may need to be manual database updates, or a restart of the webserver, which I’ve tried just now… It’s getting late now. More to come.)

Winter’s End

Up in Tahoe, and it’s truly the end of the season. Skiing around spotty, dark patches of slush. Was hoping to get more time in, but I think starting next week I’ll be back in San Francisco to proactively look for a J-O-B… in earnest. Oh well, I learned to ski and made some good friends. It was a heck of a good winter…

Stumped on glitches

Spent the morning trying to get rid of the jqm animation glitches that occur with page transitions in the Android browser. “Slides” seem to work fine Chrome, Safari, and Firefox… Also transitions using the backbutton works well on all browsers, but only 3 times back and forth consistently, and then it parks at the new page regardless of page id, so whether it makes sense or not, this actually appears to be a feature 🙂

I tried hiding DOM elements, and then unhiding everything after the data becomes available all at once, so there would be no data loading and bouncing all over to the next page… I have a multipage implementation. This did not resolve the glitch issue.

Anyways, a little stumped and annoyed that I’m spending so much effort on cosmetic stuff. Functionally it’s all there, perhaps that’s good enough?… Yeah, I’m a bad product manager, but dev is hard.

Overdoing it a little

So I did eventually get jquery mobile page transitions working, although it’s behaving differently on different browsers. Not a biggie, but it would be nice to have all browsers behave similarly. I’ll look into this if there is time. Rolf is going to NYC tomorrow, so I’ll wait for him to get back before we push to production.

I knew, as I begrudgingly sifted through 4000 lines of jqm source code, that I was just being stupid. There is a download builder tool, so you can specify only the components you want… <Insert palm to forehead here>.

Anyways, just got back from 4 days in Tahoe, and it was awesome fun! This trip is part of my learn how to ski quest for this year. I’m not a strong skier, but everyday I take lessons and work on those skills. I think I’m improving, but you would wince if you saw me.

In the city, I tend to have meals as a means to catch up with folks. Well, mid-week in Tahoe I was totally on my own. I’d have a power bar for lunch and eat it on the lift. What’s more pathetic than sitting in a lodge alone? Well this morning I gave my power bar away, which was fine until about 2:30, and then my hands started shaking and dizziness kicked in. I thought I was going to tumble down the mountain… All’s well now. Grabbed a bite at the lodge, and had no less than 5 meals since.

Was surprised at how much I missed the city for a few days gone by. Why am I so awake right now?

More Dev

Well, I’m still working on getting chat working with the TuneTug app. Functionally speaking, it’s working as chat should be. But I’m facing a developer’s dilemma in trying to make the new feature look cool, trying to implement page transitions using jquery mobile.

The problem with updating the app with a new framework like jquery mobile, is that it doesn’t mesh well with the existing platform. When I have jqm turned on for the chat feature, it clashes with other parts of the app. So now I am sifting through the source for jqm and trying to pick only needed parts, which is not something I’m crazy about. I’d rather be building new functionality or reading about new technologies.

Oh well, we’ll see how far this gets.

Imagechef && Ski

Been spending a lot of time with Rolf and Roger at Imagechef a lot, and finishing up a little chat module on their tunetug app. Things are more clear now surrounding jQuery, AJAX, DOM, and css… But mostly, I’ve been having fun just hanging out.

Rolf & Roger are two guys, MIT. They’ve been running a profitable company for years, just the two of them… There is something to be said for efficiency.

Anyways, went up for a quick ski session yesterday. Weather was great, and skiing is just really addictive. More than one person has mentioned that I should take advantage of the time off and live up there. So perhaps I will.