Overdoing it a little

So I did eventually get jquery mobile page transitions working, although it’s behaving differently on different browsers. Not a biggie, but it would be nice to have all browsers behave similarly. I’ll look into this if there is time. Rolf is going to NYC tomorrow, so I’ll wait for him to get back before we push to production.

I knew, as I begrudgingly sifted through 4000 lines of jqm source code, that I was just being stupid. There is a download builder tool, so you can specify only the components you want… <Insert palm to forehead here>.

Anyways, just got back from 4 days in Tahoe, and it was awesome fun! This trip is part of my learn how to ski quest for this year. I’m not a strong skier, but everyday I take lessons and work on those skills. I think I’m improving, but you would wince if you saw me.

In the city, I tend to have meals as a means to catch up with folks. Well, mid-week in Tahoe I was totally on my own. I’d have a power bar for lunch and eat it on the lift. What’s more pathetic than sitting in a lodge alone? Well this morning I gave my power bar away, which was fine until about 2:30, and then my hands started shaking and dizziness kicked in. I thought I was going to tumble down the mountain… All’s well now. Grabbed a bite at the lodge, and had no less than 5 meals since.

Was surprised at how much I missed the city for a few days gone by. Why am I so awake right now?