Eating my words

I should know better than to claim that anything is easy, let alone super-easy.

But it was easy to get Cordova up and running. Cut/paste the full example from the camera API, and voila! You have ios and android native camera apps in 10 minutes flat.

So the real work begins, and I’m trying to create pages each invoking separate device features. For my dev environment, I’d like to bypass IDEs in favor of using an editor and command line. If Eclipse is needed in order to debug android code, Cordova loses 90% of its value. Then I’d need to hire someone who has some understanding of Android programming to do this stuff. The idea was for anyone with HTML and javascript knowledge be able to design native phone apps, and the best way to debug HTML and js is through a browser.

Well, I was trying to do just that with the Cordova serve android command, but it turns out I’ve had to fire up Eclipse anyways. Now I’m scratching my head wondering why Activity classes aren’t used, and if they’re not used, how does Cordova do it? I think I need to revert back to the helloworld example…

Anyways, Cordova is not trivial.